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The idea behind Brokerly was struck on Dec 30th, 2009 when our founder Usman Sayed was standing in Time Square, NY looking at an iPhone advertisement across from an android phone ad. Usman knew with all this technology around him real estate will never be the same.

Real estate was now at a crossroads with technology and it isn’t just the internet or the regulators who are overseeing the massive cash that has hit the global economy. Now It’s computers, smartphones, prospect/contact management software, the internet, global positioning systems, online mapping, scanners, and more while keeping up with the past traditions of providing that personal touch while growing and taking the business to the next phase.

Now the big question was, how do you do all that? As back then the young Usman knew there is still a lot to be learned from everything that is being developed and deployed around us but one thing that will never change is having the right people at the right places.

Usman understood the world is becoming highly connected, always-on, and it’s creating highly opinionated consumers who will no longer be defined by old rules. The next generation will have higher expectations and they will have more choices than ever before. Along with those choices, the next generation of consumers will also have a voice that will be loud and clearly reachable thanks to the technology being deployed.
The only issue was that the next generation who will be using all this technology was not ready yet. They were still learning and the right time to connect the technology and its true user was yet to come.

So after years of trials and errors, the idea of Brokerly was refined and deployed on Jan 1st, 2021 into what it has become today. The aim of Brokerly is to connect those highly opinionated, on the move consumers with the best professionals based on consumer requirements, all while simplifying the complexity of one of the biggest investments we make (our home) using technology and a human-powered approach to connect consumers with the best real estate, mortgage, and insurance professionals in the area.

About us

Brokerly is an All-In-One Customer Acquisition Platform, with offices in the U.S, UK, Australia, and Middle-East which are part of Brokerly’s global network.
We are a socially responsible company and committed to using the combined marketing and brand power as a positive catalyst for all our members. The Brokerly management team believes that these actions have a positive impact on the Company, its employees, and its Professional Members.

Our Philosophy

At Brokerly we understand the world of highly connected, always on, highly opinionated, on the move consumers. We understand that customers have power, and they know how to use it. They have expectations and they have choices if those expectations aren’t met. And they also have a voice & it is loud and clearly reachable thanks to today’s technology. To earn our customers’ loyalty we go way beyond any loyalty program, we start by earning their trust.
Brokerly recognizes its customers with more than just numbers or accounts. Our customers are unique human beings with a distinct set of needs, they now expect more than just a product or service from us. We give them a relationship that is on equal terms. They give, we get, we give, they get. We place them at the center of our world because we are a customer-first company.
A customer-first company that is available 24/7 and anyplace our customer happens to be. Brokerly listens first to every customer on every channel. Brokerly always tries to connect its customers, employees, partners, and services. We understand and know the conversation never stops; we are grateful for your business. Brokerly is dedicated to creating communities and we respect our customer identity, privacy, and money.
Brokerly doesn’t just stop at satisfied customers. We go above and beyond by creating fans, listening to customers, and providing great service.

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